The Next Chapter (Thesis Download)

As of Tuesday, August 29th, my Masters’ Thesis is available for viewing on the University of Victoria DSpace Website (courtesy of the library).  I have a little trouble with the submission (but that’s TOTALLY my fault), and now it’s here for all to read.  All Grad students who write a thesis have to have their work uploaded to the site – even if it’s going to be published (which seems to be the case with a lot of students at the Doctorate level).

If you would like to read my work or download at your leisure, you can find the document here.

The Front Page.

The upload marks the end of my Masters program at the University of Victoria.  It’s a bit shocking since I’m the first in my cohort (September 2015) to finish.  It doesn’t even feel real, if I can be completely honest.  Then again, I can contribute that to finishing up my revisions by the skin of my teeth.  But seriously though, two years went by so quickly.  While it felt like the whole process dragged at times (especially when it came to translation and analysis) but overall, it went by FAST.  And now, I’m done.

All Defenders can take a photo to commemorate their passing.  Of course, we had to.

So, where do I go from here?  I’ve felt a bit hollow now that it’s over – one person calls it the “closing night blues”.  I’ve done so much work for the past two years and now I’m uncertain of the future – I’m in between things.  I’m done being a grad student for now (though I am considering pursuing my doctorate) and I’m not sure of what happens next.  But as I cleaned out my office today, I felt relief too.  The path from start to finish was quite a path indeed – writing a thesis is no joke.  I can honestly say that though I am sad, I am excited for what happens next.

I’m gonna miss this white board. Can you spot the Jibanyan?

In terms of the site, I am going nowhere.  I’m trying to come up with quality content regarding magical girls, including reviews and critiques on series I have read recently.  I still need a bit of time to decompress, but considering I’m taking some writing courses next semester (mainly for my own enrichment), I won’t be far away. In fact, I’d like to think that this marks a new and exciting chapter of Maho Shojo Gakuen!  So you must stay tuned!

Goodbye, UVic!  In studying about popular Japanese culture, I learned so much about myself.  It wasn’t always easy but it was certainly needed.  I will cherish these lessons always, good and bad.  I’ll be sure to visit often.  So please, don’t forget about me!!



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