Maho Shojo Gakuen on Twitter

I’m still in the throes of preparing for my thesis defense (it’s been officially posted on the school website and I’m about to lose my mind here.  It just got real!), but I’ve still managed to post a few things on Twitter.  If you haven’t already, you should definitely follow me!  I usually post something at least once a day and and I’ve had some great conversations with people about anime academic research.  Here’s what you’ve been missing!

With Regard to My Magical Girl Research…

That moment when your University posts the announcement of your oral examination…

That one time I retweeted a popular magical girl meme (sorry, Madoka!)

With regard to Dark Magical Girl Series (I’ll only post the first few tweets – click for the rest!)

If you want more, you’ll just have to visit me on Twitter!  Now, back to my thesis preparation!

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