Me Bloggy?

We Need to Talk

So…I’ve been at this blogging thing for the last eight months or so.  And you know what? It’s been a fun ride.  While covering magical girl series hasn’t always been easy, the moments that I have experienced have been pretty fun.  But as I come to the end of my thesis-writing journey and figure out how the hell to navigate the real world, I realize that if I am going to keep blogging and interacting with the world-wide-web (do they even call it that anymore?), then there has to be a change.

So, here it goes – the bad news is…I won’t be writing about magical girls anymore.

The good news is – I will be writing about things I am interested in, including magical girls.

I guess I’ve come to realize that there is more to me than my interests in magical girls – lack of actual magical girl series to cover (save for Kira Kira PreCure a la Mode and Little Witch Academia notwithstanding).  Furthermore, because I’ve limited my scope to magical girls for so long, I feel like I don’t have to right to cover other things that I do.  For example, while I may recap certain events that I do presentations at, I don’t show off any videos or pictures I may have taken.

Going forward, I want this website to be a window to my adventures at Anime Cons and presentations.  Because I’ve received all sorts of opportunities because of my magical girl research, I won’t be changing the name.

This is not to say that magical girl news won’t be on this site anymore.  It will be.  The English Translation of Magical Girl Raising Project drops next month and I still need to get the deluxe Revolutional Girl Utena set Shojo Beat released back in February.  But there will be more to this site eventually – just as soon as I finish my thesis!

Thank you for your patience and for travelling alongside me throughout this journey!  May we experience more interesting things together!

"Misu the Witch" by ReallyCoyKoiFish

Illustration by Reallycoykoifish.

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