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Magical Girls Panel at Puli Con 2017 – RECAP

This past weekend, I was invited to present at Puli Con 2017, an awesome event held by the fabulous Puyallup Public Library.  I didn’t know what to expect, as it was my first time travelling out to Puyallup (which is about an hour south of Seattle).  Needless to say, I was not at all disappointed.

PuliCon 2017 is done! Already looking forward to next year. #pulicon #puyallup #latergram

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I had a dress made by my darling friend, the one and only Kitten Stitches Atelier – a dress inspired by Sailor Mercury/Mizuno Ami.  I’m waiting for the full-length pics to come in, but I loved this dress!  I got tons of compliments as well!

I got to present with my Magical Girl sister Merri, one half of the lovely Fake Geek Girls podcast.  While we’ve worked together before, this would be the first time we’d be presenting the panel as a duo.  Not that we had anything to worry about – we had a grand conversation about our shared love of magical girl series, Japanese and Western, both the good and the bad.

Headed to #pulicon if your around say hi!

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We didn’t have a huge crowd (not that I minded – it was definitely family oriented AND I had a grand old time doing the Pokemon Scavenger Hunt!), but the crowd was nonetheless passionate, knowledgeable, and sweet.  The hour just flew by!

Even better, there was a livecast of the panel via Periscope.  Which is quite interesting because I’ve never seen a recorded panel of myself.  I looked like I had a lot of fun!  If you’d like to see how much fun I had, you can access the video here.

I hope that I can go back to Puli Con next year (and maybe bring myself to take pictures this time!!).  It was absolutely an enjoyable experience and the staff, especially librarian Bonnie Svitavsky as well as Alena, who initially contacted me, were so nice and helpful!  The Puyallup Public Library is a real gem.  It’s a cozy but fun library and I hated that I had to leave.  I’ve already told them how much I want to go back!

Thank you, Bonnie, Alena, and Puli Con!  I hope we can meet again next year!!

PULICON is live at 10 am. Come see us! #pulicon #puyallup #freecomicbookday

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