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The Biggest and Best Sailor Moon News Day Ever

Oh my stars, I could not have imagined that I would be waking up to the awesome news I woke up to today.  Because no one says “Happy 25th Anniversary Sailor Moon” better than the creators themselves!

So, big news first – Sailor Moon’s official website has announced that another season of Sailor Moon Crystal is on the way!  Of course, more details will be released at a later time, but that doesn’t matter.  We’re getting more Crystal!  Even for all its animation errors and brisk storylines, I do enjoy this series.

Image courtesy of

And in the spirit of collabs that are all the rage in Japan, Capcom has announced a Monster Hunter XX / Sailor Moon Collaboration!  The black cat with a crescent shaped bald spot, Luna, has grab her mistress’s Cutie Moon Rod and is ready to kick some butt!  Lucky players can get Luna as one their cat buddies (you can tell I don’t play Monster Hunter).  She looks amazing!


And finally, in a shocking reveal that I still can’t get over, Houston Con Anime Matsuri will be featuring a special presentation Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Musical!!!

A Sailor Moon Musical.

The newest musical.

Usually a Japan exclusive – on North American Soil.


The Sailor Moon musicals, at least to me, are notorious for their rarity – what I mean is that if there weren’t a website like Miss Dream around to provide countless information about everything related to Sailor Moon, they would be very hard to learn more about, save for anime news website articles and Youtube videos.  This is the first time that I have ever heard of anything like this happening, so if you can go and experience the spectacle, DO IT.  Congratulations to the Anime Matsuri team for scoring such a rare treat!

I am hoping that there will be more announcements like this one in the coming year.  Sailor Moon is a cultural phenomenon, enjoying massive popularity around the world.  If this is what we are to expect for the actual anniversary year, than I am so excited to cover it all!  In the meantime, let us all enjoy this massively massive Sailor Moon Big News Day!

One thought on “The Biggest and Best Sailor Moon News Day Ever

  1. oh wow thats awesome news for sailor moon! i play monster hunter as well so thats pretty legit. Awesome post keep it up! check out my blog DGAF when you get the chance we posted a podcast about anime and other topics recently


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