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This Week in Magical Girls – Jan. 8-14

FINALLY – things have been happening in the world of magical girls, enough to actually be able to post something like this!  Then again, I’ve also been trying to get my thesis together and school’s started back up again, so I haven’t been able to post here.  But now that stuff has been happening, I can report about them.  And man, cool stuff has been happening!

  • Seven Seas Entertainment certainly has my attention.  The company has announced that will released two magical girl titles later on this year – Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka and Unmagical Girl (or the The Sad Daily Life of a Magical Girl).  While Magical Girl Special Ops Asuka imagines the military using magical girls to fight terrorists and the consequences that befall one particular magical girl, Unmagical Girl sees a once popular magical girl dealing with the challenges of everyday life!  I will definitely be buying these titles when they ship in English (and the Japanese titles before then)!!
  • The trailer for the newest PreCure series – KiraKira Precure a la Mode has dropped and it looks super adorable.  The anime, which marries desserts and powerful kawaii magical girls, will air on February 5 on TV Asahi and all its affiliates (according to Anime News Network).  In addition, Premium Bandai has begun to take orders for figures created for the series – heroine Cure Whip, Cure Gelato, and Cure Custard – on their website.  However, I find the lack of Cure Macaron and Cure Chocolat disturbing.  In the future maybe.
Cure Chocolat and her seiyuu, Mori Nanako.  Via Anime News network.



  • Author, Webcomic Creator, and Magical Girl in Arms Paige LaVoie has posted an awesome video about her experiences at GeekGirlCon back in October.  She  describes the magic of the con more eloquently that I ever could.  I can’t wait to “get the band back together” later on this year!
  • Finally, I have purchased a mother load of magical girl manga for my latest purchase –  a Galaxy Tab A – and I’ve been reading them voraciously since the new year.  I hope to start either doing videos or writing about what I’ve read in the near future.  This series will include both Japanese and Western magical girl series, shojo, shonen, and seinen.  I hope I can post something soon!

And that’s just a fraction of the amazing things that happened in the world of Magical Girls this week!  Hopefully next week will be just as busy!  In the meantime, have a great week!


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