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Magical Girl Raising Project Ep. 12 REVIEW

After eleven episodes of violence, betrayal, sadness, and saltiness, the final episode of Magical Girl Raising Project came to and end.  While the name of the actual episode – “File Not Found” – wasn’t as ominous as the other episodes have been (because what actual crap could hit the fan when everyone’s just about dead), there was still unfinished business to take care of.

Ripple wants to take down Swim Swim to avenge her friend, Top Speed.

Swim Swim wants to be a ruler and kill people.

In the end, there can be only one – they circle each other, getting us hyped for final battle sequence.

Snow White, on the other hand, doesn’t want to be a Magical Girl anymore.  And when a big fan like Koyuki says she’s fed up with it, welp, you know the sh*t has hit the fan, the fan behind it, and the fan way across town.

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 7.42.37 PM.png

Fav, with his impeccable timing, arrives on the scene and informs Snow White that she cannot stop being a magical girl, as she is a prime candidate for the Magical Girl Raising Project, or the Magical Girl Recruitment and Training Program.  The best Magical Girl is allowed to become a permanent Magical Girl in the World of Magic or become the Master of the next selection exam.  Because Fav was bored and Cranberry was bloodthirsty, this past exam became an elimination death match instead of the  usual song-and-dance selection, which sees the losers lose their memories instead of their lives.


Fav wants Snow White to be his master, so he riled up Ripple intentionally in the hopes that she and Swim Swim try to kill each other.  Snow White, horrified and pissed off, makes a beeline for the final battle between two very emotionally disturbed magical girls (Fav’s words, though he’s not that far off).  I tried my hardest not to laugh as Fav complains about his past with Cranberry, especially about how she slipped up and killed all the candidates in past runs and he ended up having to clean up the mess so the World of Magic didn’t get suspicious.  Even in the world of Magical Girls, there’s politics and bureaucracy.

Ripple and Swim Swim appear to be at a stalemate – Ripple won’t stop fighting and Swim Swim’s ability makes her OP – until the latter of struck by lightning.  Oh right, Ripple remembers, Swim Swim is weak to light and sound.  However, the psychotic seven-year-old manages to get the upper hand, robbing our tsundere ninja of her left arm and eye.  “I can’t make you my subordinate,” she says in her creepy, robotic way, raising her sword.

But Ripple, in the biggest F— You move of the anime season, grabs her severed arm, blinding her opponent with her blood.  And just as Swim Swim wipes the blood from her eyes, there’s a big old grenade right in her face.

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 8.05.42 PM.png

Ding Dong, the Psycho Schoolgirl is finally dead – well, after a few stabs of Ripple’s sword, that is.  Ripple cries for Snow White and Top Speed before collapsing from her injuries.  The rain begins to pour.

Fav congratulates Snow White on being the Sole Survivor, as the young girl cries over being unable to save Ripple and Swim Swim (trust me, sister, you didn’t want to get in the middle of that fight).  As Fav tells her that she must become Master, Snow White, in a low determined voice, mentions that she can hear Fav’s voice and that he’s terrified.  It seems that his power comes from the special terminal he’s speaking from, and unlike her communication device, it’s curtains for him if it’s destroyed.  Snow White begins having at the terminal, but Fav unfazed.  In fact, he even goes on to ridicule Snow White and the other magical girls for thinking that they could make miracles happen, and is especially derisive toward La Purcelle, Hardgore Alice, and Top Speed.

Baaaaaaaad move, Fav.

Turns out Ripple isn’t dead after all – and now, she’s packing Swim Swim enchanted Sword.  “What’d you say about my friend?” she hisses, walking toward him.  Fav tries to talk his way out of the inevitable,  but Snow White isn’t having it.  Ripple slices the terminal in half and the Wannabe Monokuma dissipates into nothing.

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 8.17.23 PM.png

Six months later.  The Magical Girl Raising Project mobile game has disappeared suddenly but there are still magical girl sightings.  Koyuki has disappeared as well – left a note for her mother and ran away from home.  The quiet girl has now become a bit – wild.  But the truth is, she’s actually out there, still helping people, but now she’s expanded outside her home city.  She meets with Ripple, who tells her that the World of Magic wants her to tone things down, but Snow White won’t listen.  Small acts won’t get things done…so she’s got to think bigger.  But in an effort to be more effective and truly help others, she is now training hard with Ripple.  They look ahead to the full moon, smiling, as the series comes to a close.


Misu’s Musings

And just like that, my weekly masochistic exercise is finally over.  And while the ending wasn’t as explosive as I hoped it would be (but then again, how could it be after the last three episodes being as crazy as they were), I’m still satisfied with the ending.  Still, I have my questions.  Like, if Snow White, with her special ability, could hear Fav’s inner thoughts, why didn’t she hear them before?  I mean, I guess it wouldn’t have made a difference, but still!

The fight between Swim Swim and Ripple actually made me feel super tense.  Ripple really wanted to avenge Top Speed and Swim Swim just went in without any pretense, ready to kill.  Except for fight between Ripple and Calamity Mary (the ninja sure is scrappy, isn’t she?), we haven’t really had any good fight scenes, let alone ones where there characters were well-matched.  So well done, you emotionally unstable magical girls!

As for the whole set up of the series – it’s disturbing and I’m a bit annoyed with it.  This all happened because Fav was bored of the same-old same-old and Cranberry wanted to fight and kill worthy opponents.  It’s rather funny when your realize she only killed two people (compared to Swim Swim’s body count of 4) and didn’t involve herself nearly as much as she did in the past.  And even worse, she was killed by the weakest character in the series, Tama!  Considering how hated Swim Swim is, her death was pretty tame, compared to Cranberry’s gruesome death.


I think I’m going to read the light novels now.  There are nine in total, so there’s definitely more story involved her.  The ending itself hints that – while this arc may be over, Ripple and Snow White’s experiences as Magical Girls are certainly not.  Whether this series will have a second season remains to be seen.  Lucky for us, Yen Press will be offering some of these novels some time next year.  So of course, I will be pre-ordering them!

TL;DR: I liked this series, the ending was satisfying, and while it had its issues, it was overall a fun ride.  

Farewell, Snow White and Ripple!  Keeping dreaming the Magical Girl Dream!

Screen Shot 2016-12-17 at 10.56.38 AM.png

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