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This Week in Magical Girls – 12/12-12/17

As Christmas draws ever closer, I’m a bit salty that we don’t have a lot of magical girl news this week.  Someone obviously didn’t get the memo that Magical Girls are the gift that keeps on giving.  But here are a few notables in the world of magical girls that may be of interest to you!



  • I’ve begun to watch Mahotsukai PreCure, the last iteration of the franchise.  I  really like – it’s got a good balance of action and kawaii, something desperately needed after eleven weeks of Magical Girl Raising Project.  Granted, I’m only on episode 3, but it’s still enjoyable.  While PreCure (Pretty Cure) is popular in Japan, it hasn’t garnered much attention outside of it (we’re just gonna ignore Glitter Force).  I hope to write about it soon!


And there you have it! A quick run down of the happens in the land of Magical Girls this week.  Next week, I will be celebrating the holidays with my son, so there will be no postings again until January (and I’m sure that means there will be a much longer post).

Until then, Stay Magical and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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