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Sailor Moon S – Mistress 9 Cosplay

While I study Magical Girl series in academia, I’m usually my son’s cosplay partner.  So that means you can usually find me dressed up as a Pokemon or even as Totoro from Tonari no Totoro  (My Neighbor Totoro).

Totoro at the Bus Stop by Hanamaru Photography

I hope you didn’t think I was joking.

This past summer, I thought I would try to do something a little bit different.  Spurred on by Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3, I decided that I wanted to cosplay one of the major villains of the Death Busters arc, the Messiah of Silence Mistress 9.  I’ve always loved her outfit and her long flowing black hair – never mind that in Season 3, she scared the crap out me.  But when it comes to cosplay, once I’m committed to an idea, I will go through with it.

I commissioned dear friend Heather to make the outfit for me, as she is a skilled seamstress and I barely know how to repair my son’s plushies.  I ordered my black star and earrings from Starlit Creations on Etsy, and my wig from Arda Wigs.  It took several months, but I’m so happy with the result.  Because I’m plus-sized, I worried about my ability to cosplay such a slender-but-fierce character, but I think I pulled it off pretty well.

I debuted the ensemble at Anime Revolution, a popular summer anime convention that takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I shot with my favourite photographer, Hanamaru Photography, who I have worked with in the past.  There was something about dressing up as Mistress 9 that made me feel FIERCE – even if she is a villain.  Toward the end of the night, I just wanted to slip into my PJs and lounge, but I truly truly loved cosplaying as Mistress 9.


Now, I’m planning on cosplaying the musical version of Mistress 9 (from the newest musical Un Nouveau Voyage) sometime in the Spring of next year.  I can’t wait to see how this costume will turn out!

Myself as Mistress 9. Photo by Hanamaru Photography.

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