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This Week in Magical Girls – Nov. 20-26

I’m so sorry for the silence – it’s been a busy time here in my part of the world, what with cleaning, decluttering, and being a mom.  On one hand, I have one page of my second chapter done, so YAY! – I’m not a slacker.  Furthermore, I got this lovely twitter icon done for me by amazing artist colorprisma.  Isn’t it cute?  While I don’t have a real cat (*sobs*), I think this kitty here (based on my son’s orange tabby plush named Chester) is a fitting magical companion.  Don’t our stars look fabulous?

In other news, I also got my Moi Moon Moitie totebag by artist rougeaerie on Redbubble.  There’s no real reason for me to post this news other than to gush about how beautiful this bag is and how I’m have to get it after coveting it for several months.



Without further ado, here is a quick rundown of my thoughts of everything magical girl related.  Unfortunately, there will be no review of Magical Girl Raising Project episode eight because I’m stealing myself for episode nine – this series is so brutal.

  • Yen Press has announced that the light novel for Magical Girl Raising Project will be released in Summer 2017!!  I will be pre-ordering it as soon as I am able.  They’ve been doing a bang up job with the Madoka Magica series, so I know they’ll do just fine with this one.
  • Joining the fight to encourage young adults to practice safe sex is…Sailor Moon?  Apparently, the iconic character has partnered with Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare in an effort to spread awareness to those who grew up with the character.  In addition to vowing to “punish” those who don’t “cover up”, packs of condoms featuring the character will be distributed as well.  Oh myyyyyyy…
  • In this week’s episode of Brave Witches, I’ve finally discovered the lengths this series will go to provide fanservice to viewers.  These girls will continue to protest wearing pants, even though it’s cold, the snow lay on the ground, and the river is frozen solid. (And Hikari has the audacity to chatter “Samui“? GEE, YA THINK?!  I’ve about had it with this show…)
  • The newest Sailor Moon Twinkle Dolly set (my expensive guilty pleasure) is set to be released in March 2017.  The five figure set features Sailor Chibi Moon with the Crystal Carillon and Helios (Pegasus’ human form) on the Stallion Reve.  Goodbye money, Mama’s got to pre-order this beautiful set!  My other Twinkle Dolly’s are lonely!
  • Even if it takes me a year, I vow to buy a the lovely Magical Girl jewelry on

I’m currently contacting artists to help me with my illustrated thesis, so it probably won’t be posted until sometime next year – I haven’t forgotten.  I just want it to be awesome before I posted.  But in any case, that’s all that magical girl-related news that I found interesting.  If I find more, I will post again!  In any case, have a wonderful week, and to my American readers, have a Happy Thanksgiving holiday!


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