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Magical Girls Slay Together!

Featured Image from the Magical Girl Project.  All gifs/photos courtesy of tumblr and their respective users.

Let me start out by saying that I have no idea where I’m going to go with this entry.  I mean after all, I started this blog with the intention of showcasing my research into the magical girl narrative.  However, I felt compelled to write this entry after the events of the last twenty-four hours.  While I’d never considering myself to be a political person, I am definitely a person that cares for the well-being of those around her.

On Tuesday, November 9, everything changed.

I won’t describe what that change was because I don’t really want to fan the already roaring flames that have engulfed many of my nearest and dearest.  Tuesday night into Wednesday was the absolute worst for so many people, including myself.  Even though it’s Friday now, this week has still been hard.  People who are understandably frightened by recent events have gone to loved ones seeking comfort.  I myself have asked for several hugs from my loved ones.


I won’t be waxing poetic about what has happened or the factors that lead to such an event happening.  There are many out there who have done so much more eloquently than I have.  But what I will say is this…we are all magical beings, endowed with our own unique power, and therefore, all of us are powerful to the max.  Even though I struggle with feeling helpless – I don’t know how to help those who are having a hard time – what I can say is that I see you all for the powerful beings that you are.


If there is one thing that watching several magical girl series has taught me, it’s that life is not perfect, and there will be times where our resolve will be tested and we may feel like we have just had it.  That is the beauty of many magical girl series – we see the heroine being pushed to the limit and the emotional despair that comes with it.  She is not perfect all the time – she is human and she is weary because the world, at that moment, seems cruel and punishing.  Friends become foes, allies become enemies, and a promising victory becomes a crushing defeat.  She wants to give up if it means she’d get some relief.  But she never does.  She gathers her strength and with the encouragement of her allies, she finds the power she needs to overcome any and all circumstances.


Of course, she never does it alone.  While the magical girl may have powerful objects to take down the enemy, it’s the encouragement of her friends and allies that keep her going (yes, even Madoka).  Even if the magical girl doesn’t have an official “team”, she is surrounded by people who love her and support her in her mission.  Alone in the enchanted world of Cephiro, Hikaru, Fuu, and Umi had each other to rely on.  Sakura had the love of her family, the seamstress skills of Tomoyo, and the love of Syaoran (eventually).  Chocola adored Vanilla and nearly lost her life trying to purify her friend’s black heart.  And of course, the Sailor Senshi protected and died for their Princess, and she would die for them (she sort of did in the Dark Kingdom arc, but that’s for another post.)


What I am trying to get at is this – we are all of us magical girls.  Boy or girl or male or female, we are all of us magical girls and we have the power to make things happen.  And we can do many things if we stick together and honour one another.  As I told my beloved sisters in Magical Girl-ness, Magical Girls who Slay Together Stay Together.  Henshin Wands and Brooches, we will be there for one another and see our way through the difficult times.  We have each others back and we will do what must be done, even if the odds are against us.  While I cannot say for sure what the future holds, just knowing that I am not alone and that I have my beloved sisters with me is enough.  I’m sure it may be the same for you and those who stand beside your proudly.

The magical girl genre has been around for nearly fifty years.  Despite a decline in the late 1980s/early 90s, it has continued to persist since the explosive popularity of Sailor Moon.  Furthermore, with deconstructed series such as Madoka Magica and Magical Girl Raising Project hitting the masses, it won’t go away any time soon.  As long as we stand tall, centered in ourselves and our power, it’s my hope that won’t go away either.


I love you all and I’m here for you.  Let’s take our magic and run with it!

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