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Two Years of Magical Girl Studies


Thanks to Facebook’s nifty little tool “On this Day”, I found out that yesterday two years ago (November 7, 2014), I declared my intention to write my undergraduate honours thesis on Magical Girl series.  But would you believe that I almost did my thesis on creating a fun way to study Japanese using popular culture?  I actually believed that my Japanese was good enough to do such a thing (>.<)

To be honest, the whole thing came about as a happy accident.  Studio Trigger’s amazing series “Kill la Kill” was simulcasting on Crunchyroll at the time and I was in love.  I normally don’t watch popular anime shows (a.k.a what the crowd is watching), but Kill la Kill was the exception.  The Balls-to-the-Wall action, the strong and sexy heroines, and Mako-Flippin’-Mankanshoku kept me coming back for more each week.  I felt so hollow when it finally ended.

Inspired by this masterpiece while singing “Don’t Lose Your Way” at the top of my lungs, the idea popped into my head – since academia doesn’t really talk about magical girls (let alone shoujo manga), wouldn’t it be fun, then, to write about magical girls?  I could compare and contrast one created for girls (like Sailor Moon) and one created for a male/general otaku audience (Kill la Kill), studying the narrative and pointing out what’s encouraging about it.  Sure, all potential supervisors might laugh me out of the office when I pitch it to them, but that didn’t matter.  I wanted to give it a shot!

To my surprise, the supervisor I really wanted liked my idea – he agreed to pair with me.

Furthermore, my idea was selected for an undergraduate research award – one of two for my department.  I got to present my work in March during Idea Fest, an event which champions the exchanging of ideas in an academic setting.


Little did I know that it was just the beginning of my journey with magical girls – and oh, what a journey it’s been.  Between presenting at various anime conventions in the Pacific Northwest (mainly Victoria, Vancouver, and Seattle) and being selected for more research awards, I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m living the dream with my research.  My plans for next year look quite busy and I’m really pushing through with my thesis right now.  I know that it can only go up from here.

You don’t believe me? Well, keep coming back to this site and I’ll prove it to you!

One thought on “Two Years of Magical Girl Studies

  1. Wow! That’s so cool that you got to write a thesis on magical girls. Loving the poster, too. Congrats on living the dream, and your many awards!!! It looks like you’re still researching magical girls academically? Or is it a presentation you prepare for conventions?

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