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Magical Girls – An Illustrated Thesis

As much as I thought that I would be posting on this site every day or every other day (ah, how idealistic we are when we start things), I’ve actually taken time out to figure out where exactly I want to go with this site.  Blogging is not an easy thing to do – my friends and colleagues have assured me of this – especially if you have no idea what you actually want to blog about or even what you hope to accomplish in the first place.  I’m not different – while I want to talk about magical girls, I wasn’t sure of the best way to communicate my ideas to others.  However, after considering ideas such as podcasts and videos, I came up with an idea that I’d like to try (and posting it so that I have to be accountable to my idea).

An Illustrated Thesis.

Rather than simply transcribe my thesis (complete with academic jargon that might make it less accessible to a general audience even though I make it a point to keep the writing simple and too the point), I want to create an illustrated version of my masters thesis, complete with fun illustrations from various artists and my own personality-infused writing.  I guess it would be something akin to an educational manga, but without the panels.

I’m so excited about this.  Illustrations are always a fun way to get an idea across, and I’ve found some really great artists to work with.  I really wish to share my ideas with the world with as many people as possible.  And I feel like this idea would do just that.

I’m still working out the details, so stay tuned to this space!  If all goes well, I should start posted the thesis with gusto in January of the new year!

One thought on “Magical Girls – An Illustrated Thesis

  1. Welp, looks like I got the answer to the question I asked on your other post. I am going through them reverse chronologically, haha. But again, wow!! Magical girls for a master’s? Looking forward to your illustrations!


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